Room 28, Chedworth Roman Villa

Record ID:  75510 / MNA147637
Record type:  Monument
Protected Status: Scheduled Monument
NT Property:  Chedworth Roman Villa; South West
Civil Parish:  Chedworth; Cotswold; Gloucestershire
Grid Reference:  SP 05307 13500
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A roughly square room, in the north wing with connecting gap to Room 29, but not to corridor in current layout. The presence of in situ 5th-century mosaic has been confirmed by excavation.

Identification Images (1)

Two medieval hearths built through the Room 28 mosaic  © National Trust
Two medieval hearths built through the Room 28 mosaic  © National Trust

Monument Types

  • VILLA (Roman - 43 AD to 409 AD)


Roughly square room, with connecting gap to Room 29 to east, but not to the corridor in current layout. Laid to grass, but presence of in situ late 4th-century mosaic known from sample excavation. Walls with pitched concrete tile caps, caps are in poor condition. [SNA62028]
The buried mosaic survey found that the mosaic in this room comprised a border of a different colour towards the walls with a geometric pattern towards the centre of the rooms and was in a better state of preservation th that in room 31a to the east.[SNA62068]
In 2017, the whole of the room was uncovered, the mosaic cleaned and digitally recorded. Centre and south side burnt worn and mosaic lost. Two hearths of reused Roman rubble C14 dated to 12th-14th century. From radiocarbon dating of west wall foundation trench moasic dated to at least earlier 5th century (Papworth 2020) [SNA68988].


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Other Statuses and References

  • HER/SMR Reference (External): 547

Associated Events

  • ENA21 - Archaeological Intervention, Magnetometry and Resistivity Survey, Courtyards and North Wing, Chedworth Roman Villa (Ref: INT 108)
  • ENA37 - Archaeological Intervention, Buried Mosaic Survey, Chedworth Roman Villa (Ref: INT 118)
  • ENA4101 - Non Archaeological Intervention, North wing wall restoration and replacement of capping, Chedworth Roman Villa
  • ENA10004 - Archaeological Intervention, Phase 5 Chedworth North Range Research Project Rooms 25, 27-30 & corridor Aug 2017
  • ENA10893 - Archaeological Intervention, Excavation for C14 Room 27 & OSL dates Room 28 May 2024

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