The Barn, Knole

Record ID:  MNA194867 / MNA194867
Record type:  Building
Protected Status: Listed Building: Grade I
NT Property:  Knole; London and South East
Civil Parish:  Sevenoaks; Sevenoaks; Kent
Grid Reference:  TQ 5396 5427
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The north range of Stable Court is formed by the Barn: this is a substantial ragstone construction and measures 40.5m long (E-W) and 7.2m wide internally (N-S). The Barn now houses the Royal Oak Conservation Studio and Store, toilet facilities and the Knole Cricket Club.

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Barn at Knole, Kent © National Trust / Jo Hatcher
Barn at Knole, Kent © National Trust / Jo Hatcher

Monument Types

  • BARN (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)


As with the north range of Stone Court, it is terraced into the natural slope of the land and the ground level on the northern, exterior side is some 3.5m below the level of Stable Court to the south. Thus, while the south wall stands c.7.5m tall to the former crenellated parapet, that to the north wall rises to a height of c.11m above the external ground level. This taller north wall is divided into seven bays by a series of 6 stepped, stone buttresses with additional diagonal buttresses at the north-east and north-west corners. The north wall displays four original levels of vertical ventilation slits with brick detailing (the bottom three levels were blocked, and the top level partly so) and a single, large opening standing 5.5m tall to the apex of its two-centred arch within the third bay from the west. Although the door has been rebuilt to a large extent, the distinctive moulding of two bold casements divided by a fillet (stylistically 15th century) survives in part and has been replicated in new the work.

The barn owed much of its 20th century appearance to a phase of rebuilding following a large fire in 1887. The rebuilt roof was of eight bays, formed of iron trusses resting on stone corbels, and supporting timber purlins. A floor was introduced at the level of Stable Court; this comprised a concrete slab supported on rolled steel joists and brick-built piers at ground floor level (this floor level cuts across the large arched opening in the north wall). Two large, full-height doorways with four-centred arches give onto the courtyard and are furnished with wooden sliding doors, while a further opening at high level is set midway between them serving no apparent function.

The late Victorian roof of the Barn was removed in 2016 -17 during the 'Inspired by Knole' project and replaced with a new roof, the design echoes the medieval profile.

Watching briefs undertaken by Archaeology South-East and Museum of London Archaeology from 2013-2017 (as part of the 'Inspired by Knole' project) recorded evidence for a stone-lined culvert and fragmentary masonry remains which pre-date the Barn.


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Other Statuses and References

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Associated Events

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